Dr. Ziad Amir Saleh  د. زيـاد أمير صـالح

Thank you for visiting ZAS. What started as a humble family business back in 1976 has now taken shape as one of the fastest growing healthcare and retail businesses in the Abu Dhabi region. Our team of young minds and diverse experiences has taken what was once a single pharmacy on the main street of Al Ain, to a hub of busy retail and service units across more than 60 facilities.

In response to the growing needs of our community, we grew from our flagship brand, Al Ain Pharmacy, to become ZAS Facilities Group, one of the most comprehensive private community-based organizations housing the brands: Al Dawaa Medical Center, Foot Care Centers, Fit and Muscle Nutrition Center, Nail Institute, Apotheke Pharmacy, Fresh Cups and Wow Burgers & Fusion.

It is an exciting time for us. As the organization continues to grow, we serve our community with a focus on quality over quantity. We will celebrate 45 years in 2021 and are ever more ready to welcome more talent across our business portfolio and helping the community grow – both professionally and personally. ZAS aims at availing the best standard of living for our community via pharmacies, clinics, spas and fresh food. We continue to forge ahead to meet the evolving markets and prepare for a new era in our history without compromising our mission.
We will remain steadfast as we endeavor to be solution-oriented and remain ever relevant in the provision of value based quality care for our consumers.

As far as we may go, we will always carry the sentiments and ethics of a family business and a love for the roots of our country, harbouring a culture of wellness within the ZAS community.